Protecting Your Rights In Drug Crime Cases

The war on drugs continues. Law enforcement officials go to great lengths to hold people responsible for drug offenses. Punishments for a conviction on drug charges range from probation to lengthy mandatory prison time, depending on the type and amount of drugs and the situation surrounding the discovery and seizure of the drugs.

At the Sloan P. Ellis Law Firm we have nearly a decade of experience handling drug crimes and other criminal matters. Sloan’s extensive experience prosecuting and defending drug cases means that you can rely on our firm to thoroughly prepare a compelling case that can be presented at trial or used in negotiations with prosecutors.

The Insight Of A Former Prosecutor

Attorney Sloan P. Ellis’ years as a prosecutor are particularly beneficial in drug crime cases. He worked extensively with federal agents and local law enforcement officials when prosecuting drug crimes and now uses that information to help construct comprehensive defense strategies.

Types Of Drugs And Drug Crimes

Possession Marijuana
Possession with intent to sell/distribute Cocaine (crack)
Sale/distribution Heroin
Trafficking Methamphetamine (crystal meth)
Manufacture/cultivation MDMA/Molly/Ecstasy
Possession of paraphernalia Prescription drugs

In addition to drug charges, many times other charges may be filed along with the drug charges. For example, if weapons were found along with the drugs a charge of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime could result. If a prescription was forged to obtain controlled narcotics a forgery charge may be included.

Helping You Stand Up For Your Rights

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