Savvy Defense In White Collar Crime Cases

The term “white collar crime” is applied to a group of crimes that are often monetary in nature and committed by people with white collar jobs. The complex nature of these crimes renders them best handled by an attorney who has experience handling sophisticated and intricate matters.

Many times these crimes involve thousands of pages of financial or other business records created over months and potentially years. Investigators and prosecutors can use subpoenas to obtain almost any business record and will use this information to build their case.

At the Sloan P. Ellis Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, we can step in and represent you if you are charged with or being investigated for a white collar crime. In some situations, an investigator will call you directly and ask to meet with you to discuss the case before making charges. This is a critical step in the process, and you have a right to have an attorney present any time you are talking with agents. Importantly, you do not have to talk with agents at all. Hiring an experienced white collar defense attorney as soon as you are aware of a potential investigation is the most important thing you can do to limit your criminal exposure.

Sloan P. Ellis has nearly a decade of experience prosecuting and defending white collar and other criminal offenses. Sloan vigorously defends clients who have been charged with these crimes, but some of his biggest wins have come when he has been able to convince prosecutors and/or agents not to proceed with criminal prosecution.

Sloan was a member of the Upstate Financial Crimes Task Force, where he worked closely with the United States Postal Inspection Service, FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, State Law Enforcement Division, South Carolina Department of Revenue, and numerous other state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute white collar crime. He now uses this experience and knowledge to aggressively defend our firm’s clients statewide.

Types of White Collar Criminal Matters

We confidently and confidentially handle a wide range of white collar crime cases, including:

Securities fraud Bank fraud
Medicaid and Medicare fraud Public corruption
Insurance fraud Computer crimes
Tax fraud and evasion RICO cases
Environmental crimes False Claims Act litigation
Health care fraud Qui tam and whistleblower

We independently investigate every case, examining all records and intricate details to ensure we can construct the strongest defense possible. When necessary, we can involve other professionals such as forensic accountants or computer experts to support your case.

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