Tax Fraud and Evasion Representation

Taxes are a notoriously complex subject, a topic of conversation that is the source of much frustration. The IRS is an organization that most people avoid dealing with. However, when the subject of alleged tax fraud or tax evasion arises, dealing with the IRS or the State Department of Revenue is often unavoidable.

If you are accused of or charged with tax crimes, we can help. At the Sloan P. Ellis Law Firm we have nearly a decade of experience handling all types of white collar crimes, including tax matters, for clients in Greenville, South Carolina, and throughout the state. Attorney Sloan P. Ellis is a former prosecutor who will puts his experience to use when building a tenacious defense on your behalf.

What Constitutes Tax Fraud?

You may be facing tax fraud and/or evasion charges if you are accused of:

  • Attempting to avoid paying taxes
  • Falsifying tax returns and paperwork
  • Failing to file the proper tax returns
  • Consciously failing to pay taxes
  • Defying a summons and refusing to provide information to the IRS

Representing Clients in State and Federal Court

Tax crimes can be prosecuted in State or Federal Court. If you are accused of violating state tax law, the case will be investigated by SLED or the South Carolina Department of Revenue and usually prosecuted by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. If you are accused of violating federal tax law, the case will be investigated by the IRS and prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office. With the variability in the types of courts, it is important to have an attorney who has a full understanding of all court processes. Sloan is highly knowledgeable of state and Federal court procedures and is flexible enough to amend a defense strategy if the charges move from one court to another.

You Have an Ally Against The IRS

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